Born in 1954, and married since 1977, Ray is blessed with a lovely wife who still laughs at his jokes and three incredible children, all of whom have, thankfully, moved out of the house.

He loves playing the online multiplayer role-playing game of Worlds of Warcraft with his son, though still struggles to conceal his age ("What? You zomg pwnd the mob and ninja'd his phat lewt?? DOESN'T ANYBODY SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS GAME???" "Remember Bryan, if anyone asks, I'm not your dad, I'm your cool, older brother.")

Ray also loves to go to comedy clubs with his wife, cook, read, write in the third-person, play chess, tennis (once again!), and continues to this day his search for a consistent topspin backhand.

Employed as a computer programmer since 1984, he continues to juice almost every day, but finds that since his juice fast, he must constantly remind his co-workers that he's more than just eye-candy.

And while Ray still monitors his weight, he doesn't worry about it any more.

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